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Sabillasville Environmental School will offer a classical curriculum with a focus on environmental science/agriculture.

The Classical Trivium:

Classical Education is based on the Trivium, which is Latin for “the three ways” of learning.

Grammar: K-4

The Grammar stage focuses on teaching the fundamental knowledge or the "building blocks" of all subjects. In this stage use student's curiosity to memorize things like math facts, dates in history, facts in science, etc.

Logic: 5-8

In the Logic stage student's use their knowledge to ask questions and develop logic and reason. Students are challenged to look at cause and effect, make logical connections, and question, and examine the facts they have learned.

Rhetoric: 9-12

The Rhetoric stage teaches students to use what they have learned in the Grammar and Logic stages to persuade others and express their own opinions. 


Singapore Math:

Singapore Math uses the teaching approach used in Singapore, which consistently ranks at the top in international math testing. Learn more

Core Knowledge:

SES uses Core Knowledge for History. History is taught in chronological order and all subject matters connect back to history. Learn more

National Geographic (K-5) Elevate (6-8):

SES use two different science programs. At the elementary we take advantage of National Geographic and for middle school we use Elevate

Memoria Press Traditional Spelling

Classical curriculum includes teaching spelling and vocabulary. Learn more.


Project Learning Tree:

To integrate agricultural and environmental science, SES will use Project Leaning Tree, which will provide hands-on lessons that teach a variety of topics including forestry, fisheries, ecosystems, energy, etc. The schools will also have a greenhouse and garden space. Learn more.

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