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Sabillasville Environmental School (SES) was founded by a group of parents, teachers, and community members. Their idea was to utilize the area's accessibility to natural resources and farms to provide a unique opportunity educational opportunity for  students in grades K-8 (K-6 in the first year) across Frederick County. The school will use a classical curriculum with a focus on environmental science and agriculture.

Charter schools are free and open to all students in Frederick County. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sabillasville Environmental School (SES) is to provide elementary and middle school-aged children in Frederick County with a well-rounded, college and career
focused instructional program that develops students’ knowledge, reason, and self-expression. In addition, the school will have a focused curriculum on environmental learning. The longterm vision of the SES is to be a high-achieving model providing environmental science and
a traditional, rigorous liberal arts education using well-researched instructional approaches and hands-on environmental learning. Through in-service training, the school will provide teachers with professional development in subject matter content, cognitive science, and research-based pedagogy. The principal, staff, and school improvement team will look first to data and evidence to better school performance, with the guiding criteria that each enhancement should be specific, replicable, and monitored to validate the achievement of its intended results. SES will serve students from all demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds, including diverse cultural, ethnic, or racial backgrounds, students with advanced learning capabilities and students with disabilities as well as assisting military families as they transition into our community.

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